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How does Saber Feedback work?

Saber Feedback is a simple feedback tool that works on websites, web apps, online courses or on internal testing sites. It consists of a feedback button, customisable feedback forms (with screenshot functionality) and a dashboard, although you don't have to use this.

This is how Saber Feedback works

1. Sign up for a free 10 day trial

After creating your free trial account, you'll be asked to install our widget on your website.

This involves pasting a snippet of JavaScript code and should only take a few minutes. You can install Saber Feedback on: 

  • websites
  • on WordPress sites using our WordPress plugin
  • learning management systems (LMS)
  • web apps
  • internal testing sites

2. Customise your feedback button

You have a choice of colours and positions. You can even use your own button if you prefer.

This is the feedback button we use on our own website.

Here is a customised feedback button used by one of our customers.

3. Customise your first feedback form

You can use different forms on different pages or use your feedback button on select pages only.

As a default, your first form will show a Feedback Category dropdown with Email Address and Message fields, in that order. You can easily tailor your form to suit your needs though.

This feedback form could be used for reporting bugs.

This feedback form could measures customer satisfaction ratings.

This feedback form could work for general feedback that needs categorising.

4. Receive feedback

You can receive feedback in three ways:

  • On your Saber Feedback dashboard.
  • By setting up one of our integrations with Jira, Slack, Trello and so on.
  • By email.