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Feedback Form Builder

Saber Feedback’s Form Builder allows you to choose what fields are displayed on your feedback forms, and in what order.

The form builder includes 13 types of fields that cover many use cases.

The field types are Net Promoter Score, Thumb Rating, Emoji Rating, Star Rating, Feedback Category, Email Address, Subject, Customer Name, Message, Opt in, Speed, Priority. The final field is "Paragraph". You can use this to add some explanation text.

By default, all websites have the Feedback Category, Email Address and Message fields, in that order.

Each of the field types can only be added once.

Making Fields Required

By default, all fields are optional. You can make them required by checking the Required checkbox.

Choosing Field Display Order

The fields are displayed on the feedback form in the same order they are shown in the form builder.

You can change this order by clicking a field’s up and down icons next to its icon.