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Integrating Saber Feedback with Zendesk

Create a Zendesk ticket when a feedback report is submitted.

To integrate Saber Feedback with Zendesk you need the following information:

Zendesk subdomain

This is the first part of your Zendesk URL. If you log in at https://yourcompany.zendesk.com/ then your subdomain is yourcompany.

Zendesk email

This is the email address you use to log in to Zendesk.


You can find your access token by logging into your Zendesk account, and clicking the settings icon at the bottom left of the screen. (The settings icon looks like a cog.)

This will expand the settings menu on the left of the page, where you need click the API from under the CHANNELS heading. Then make sure the Token Access checkbox is checked, and copy the API token.


This allows you to define the subject of tickets submitted through Saber Feedback. If the subject contains {{summary}}, this will be replaced with a summary of the feedback reports description.


In this field you can define any tags you’d like to be applied to tickets submitted though Saber Feedback. You can define more than one tag by separating them with commas, eg: “Tag One, Tag Two”.

The feedback category name will also be added as a tag, and many users choose to add a ‘Saber Feedback’ tag, so they can differentiate between tickets created through Saber Feedback, and those created directly on Zendesk.

Include Requester

Check this if you’d like the person who submits feedback to be listed as the requester in Zendesk. As the requester, they will receive an email with all the ticket details when the ticket is created or updated in Zendesk.

Add feedback details as public comment

Check this if you’d like the feedback details to be added as a public comment, rather than a private comment. This will allow the feedback submitter to view all the feedback details and metadata.