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Integrating Saber Feedback with Slack

If your team uses Slack, you might want to receive notification on a dedicated Slack channel when a feedback report is submitted.

This saves you time switching back and forwards between Slack and Saber Feedback.

Configuring Slack integration

On Slack, create a channel called  feedback-reports or something similar. The name is not important so choose a name that suits you. You can also use an existing channel.

You’ll then need to:

  1. From your Saber Feedback dashboard, view the appropriate feedback form, then go to Integrations.
  2. Find Slack and click Connect. You’ll be redirected to the Slack website.
  3. If you are not signed into Slack in your browser, you’ll be prompted to sign in. Do so.
  4. You’ll be prompted by Slack to choose a channel. You must choose a channel to continue.
  5. Click the Allow button.
  6. You’ll now be returned to Saber Feedback with a confirmation that Slack has now been integrated.

We recommend clicking on our Test Settings button to ensure the connection to Slack is working as expected.

Using Slack integration

Each new suggestion appears in your Slack channel and includes a link to view the new suggestion.

Changing your Slack integration

If you need to change the Slack team or Slack channel your integration uses, then you'll need to disconnect the Slack integration and re-create it. This is due to the way Slack's permissions system works.