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Integrating Saber Feedback with Webhooks

Receive notification on a custom webhook when a feedback report is submitted.

With our custom webhook integration, Saber Feedback will make a HTTP POST request for each feedback report you receive.

You can create a webhook that connects with your own website, or with a third-party service.


The URL to which you’d like Saber Feedback to send a POST request to for each new feedback report.

HTTP Basic authentication username and password

Use these if your webhook endpoint uses HTTP Basic authentication.

If present, these fields will be added as a request header.

Extra fields

Here you can specify some extra fields to be included in the POST request. 

Each field should be on a new line, in the format name=value. A common use for this is to specify an API Key for the target URL, eg:  api_key=acb123.

Here's an example with multiple key-value pairs.

name=Some Body